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Former Showtime and Warner Bros. Pictures Executive, expert in the emerging field of VoiceTech Marketing

OVN Ambassador to Entertainment, Media & Marketing Communities
Open Voice Network
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Areas of Expertise:
  • Marketing and Brand Strategy - Marketing must tell a story that supports the central strategic goals of the company. Every public-facing or even internal interactions or messaging or communication, from the smallest one-on-one conversation to your theoretical Super Bowl spot. It’s the Promotional Narrative that touches every part of the organization. An unassailable proposition, a consistent message supporting it, and key players in the story will help you tell it.
  • Entertainment (Entertaining) Marketing - Whatever your business, you can benefit by the strategic ideas, programs and concepts of marketing Movies and Television. What can you learn from an epic experiential campaign for Batman or building fan trust for Harry Potter? From Homeland to Twin Peaks, Dexter to Desus and Meru? Lots.
  • Integrating VoiceTech in Marketing - Adopt Voice now, and master it in its infancy. Learn about the advances in conversational design, who among the new, emerging businesses are doing the best work in Voice. You don't need to know how to build an Alexa Skill or a Google Home Action, but you do need to think about how Voice platforms of all kinds can be integrated into your marketing plans. If you're not thinking about Voice, you're not thinking about marketing.
As Chief Marketing Officer of Showtime Networks Inc., Donald Buckley oversaw the network's marketing, distribution and subscriber acquisition marketing partnerships, creative advertising and digital media divisions. He led marketing for Homeland, Billions, Shameless, Ray Donovan, The Chi, Escape at Dannemora, and City on a Hill, Showtime Sports and Showtime Documentary Films. As Warner Bros. Pictures' SVP Interactive Marketing, Buckley founded its Interactive Marketing department. Among the hundreds of movies released during his tenure were the Oceans 11, The Matrix, Harry Potter and The Dark Knight franchises. Buckley is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, and serves as Entertainment, Media and Marketing Ambassador for the Open Voice Network, which promotes creative, privacy, security and interoperability standards in emerging conversational AI and voice assistant platforms and custom voice applications.

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