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Passionate about making nutritional change easy and effective

Expert & Founder
The Business of Wellness
30-Min GenieTalk: $
60-Min GenieTalk: $
Areas of Expertise:
  • Changing perceptions of nutrition through easy, entertaining, and impactful information delivered to inspire change.
  • Anthropology and food culture – discussing the soil, environment, and other factors that impact our health.
  • Coaching – inspiring purpose-driven lives through the Life Map Method© which establishes a nutritional foundation to get the mind working right.
Kate offers an unbeatable combination. Science-backed expertise matched with research and analysis to develop easy packages to inspire your staff, along with brilliantly engaging delivery. Kate has been a nutritionist for 20 years, working with individuals and corporates to create happier and healthier workforces that boost performance. She is a top UK wellness and nutrition expert: * Founder and director of the Harley Street clinic The Nutrition Coach *International keynote speaker *Personal experience with more than 7,500 patients face to face *Extensive TV appearances and an acclaimed TEDx talk for Fidelity International *Portfolio of world-leading corporate clients *Author of seven books

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